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Interview and Registration Form


I understand that the course I am applying for is full fee recovery. I agree that I will be responsible for providing full funding for my place on my chosen course of study.                               

Have you within the last two years experienced bereavement?

Have you within the past two years experienced any physical, psychological, emotional traumas and/or significant difficulties?

Do you have any diagnosed medical conditions (Physical and/or mental health):

5 + 12 =

The information I have provided on this form is true. I am aware that the provision of deliberately false or deliberate withholding of, information when completing this form will result in my being withdrawn from the above course of study. I also understand that if this situation occurs I will forfeit any money paid to Walden The Roots relating to my position asstudenton theabove namedcourse ofstudy,and that any money previously paid to Walden The Roots in relation to theabove namedcourse will also be forfeit and none refundable.