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When I applied to begin my training to become a counsellor with Maninder at Walden The Roots (now STCP), I was excited, nervous and apprehensive. My first thoughts after meeting Maninder was that he was a very warm, honest and genuine individual. As I progress through my studies, those first thoughts are still the same. Maninder’s subject knowledge is second to none and his teaching style is both engaging and enthusiastic. The course is excellent and I’m learning all the time. I feel privileged to be taught by someone who is so committed andpassionate about his field of work. If you’re looking to learn about the wonderful world of counselling and self-discovery, the courses on offer here are of the highest quality. I would recommend them to anyone.

My counselling journey began starting with ABC Awards Level 3 with Maninder Bains, Walden The Roots and I’m subsequently completing my first year ABC Awards Level 4 Diploma. This has been an amazing experiential learning pathway from the start, and with a smaller more intimate group of students being taught by Maninder who has a wealth of knowledge and lots of pearls of wisdom to share along the way, provides an incredible learning experience. I can recommend this counselling and psychotherapy training provider.

Maninder provides a high standard of professional supervision that enables me to effectively monitor and review the quality of my work as well as my client’s progress.”

“I truly value our productive working relationship and I trust his experience. The core conditions that I receive have been inspirational in allowing me to stand back and reflect and to re-engage and search for new options.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Working with Maninder is an enriching experience because he is interested in helping supervisees recognise and develop their own unique style.” 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity Psychotherapist/Lecturer and Tutor

“A highly professional and ethical tutor and counsellor with a vast knowledge of his subject and able to engage with his students to coach them to achieve their full potential.” 

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert and Punctual

“Maninder is a thoroughly professional Counselling tutor, who knows the subject matters he teaches inside out. Maninder creates a good working environment for the learning of his students and is approachable”. Janice